The Silence of the Noise

One of the most visited areas in the rural place of the Limburg region is in Kinrooi, the eastern part of Belgium. The site is always tourists packed with locals alike, but due to the current situation, the world pandemic, the area has become the rural tranquility.

The site Geistingen is one of the five districts a part of the municipality of Kinrooi, situated in the region of Limburg, Belgium. The Tranquil Geistingen sat to the next “River Maas” only five kilometers to the Netherlands or Holland border.

Kessenich is the oldest village. Opposite the neo-Gothic St. Martin’s Church in Kessenich is the ruin of a robust octagonal moth tower from the 12th-century.

The rural Kinrooi consists of five church villages: Geistingen, Kessenich, Kinrooi, Molenbeersel, and Ophoven. The municipality is rich in remarkable monuments such as castle Borgitter, the Slichtenhof, and three grinding mills: the Keijersmolen, Zorgvlietmolen, and Lemmensmolen. Kessenich shows off the ruin of the 12th-century moth tower and the Sint-Martinuskerk, ‘(Saint Martin Church ) pearl of the Maasland.’

Since the outcrops in the floodplains of the Meuse, Kinrooi has become a real water sports municipality. The Marec marinas “De Spaanjerd” in Ophoven and “Heerenlaak” in Aldeneik can accommodate one thousand four hundred boats.

Kinrooi and its surroundings offer a range of cycling and walking options for those who like action and variety. Drive your bicycle’s freedom and follow the blue numbered signs off the cross-border bicycle route network “Kempen en Maasland” or cycle along one of the theme routes: the Molenroute Kinrooi or the Maasvaartroute. Or wear on your good shoes and walk along signposted paths in the nature and forest areas of the Kempen-Broek and the Drie Eigen.

Sunbathers can visit a beautiful sandy beach in the area of ​​”de Steenberg.” Sailing and surfing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in the Maasplassen.

If you prefer to relinquish the helm, you can take a cruise on the Maas with the tour boat “De Paep van Meinecom III.”

The boroughs of Ophoven, Geistingen, and Kessenich still breathe the atmosphere of centuries ago. It is no coincidence that the Roman track wound through these three villages. Suppose you want to experience how it used to be here. Considering the possible in the heme chamber of the Historical and Historical Society Kinrooi, beautifully situated in the renovated Slichtenhof in Molenbeersel.

The environment is also stunning. In the beautiful Dutch towns of Thorn and Stevensweert, you can read the history of the walls! Aldeneik, Maaseik, Bree, and Weert (Netherlands), with their historical, cultural, and shopping assets, are just a stone’s throw away.

Kinrooi is rich in folklore. No fewer than eight militia groups are still active here, including the Sint-Servatius Raam militia from Ophoven. They were the winner of the Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest (OLS) in 2017. Colorful traditions such as putting sweep, burning ‘Malbroek,’ the Sint-Maartensvuren, and the Molenfeesten attract many curious people every year.

Map of 3640 Kinrooi
Map of Kinrooi

An exciting opportunity is the least that can be said about the application to register the GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek as a UNESCO Human and Biosphere Area. In times when sustainability is high on the global agenda, UNESCO wants to use this label to recognize areas in which sustainable development is tangible. Since Belgium does not yet have such a space, GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek will be the first Belgian region to try to qualify for this label.

Discover the area municipality on foot, by bike or by boat, through exciting routes, and afterward, let yourself be pampered in a few of the restaurants nearby.

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