The Pros and Cons of living in the Philippines

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Did you thought or ever dreamt of living in an exotic country or stay in a more extended period? What sprung into your thought about a country that you have never known and that you are embracing? It is essential to learn about their lifestyle, culture, etc…, and what the state could offer to you as a foreigner intended to live, but you must know the pros and cons.

The Philippines is considered one of Asia’s largest countries; it has 300,000 area square kilometers and an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, making it the seventh-highest number after Sweden. The Philippines population, as of this year 2020, has 110 million. There is a significant island of the country, namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The nation’s largest island is Luzon, and it is also the fifteen largest island in the world

I am considering too that the Philippines is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia. You can explore fantastic and spectacular beaches, like El Nido Palawan, Boracay White Sand Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, White Island, Camiguin, to name a few.

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Pros of living in the Philippines


The Filipino people are friendly, understanding, and one you count on in times of trouble. They have a close family-oriented type of culture from their relatives and to their neighbors. For the most part, Filipino is known for their hospitality; they used to welcome anyone to come for an occasion they have prepared; sometimes, it is for all, including the whole village. An example is that when you happened to pass an ongoing party, they will stop you from joining them even if you are strangers. This practice usually occurs in rural areas; although some households still exercise it in the urban area, people’s influences come in the provinces.

The Filipinos love gathering and partying; they enjoy the company of everyone who is with their group. Once a year, they celebrate a feast of every saint, a Catholic church’s standard practice—the community.
For the Filipino people, the important is the family. They have a solid foundation, including the extended family- when referring to extended family means, grandparents, parents, relatives, siblings, aunts, and uncles, and each have to perform a duty. To ensure the well being of any member of the family by protecting each other at all cost. The grandparents play an essential role in their grandchildren. It is a tradition passed from generation to generation, the most common practice in rural areas.

The cost of living

The Filipinos, who live economically, do not bother themselves if what comes and goes living with the flow. In short, they know how to grasp their resources.

If you are foreign and want to relocate to the Philippines, you can comfortably live on $1000 a month and cover your housing, taxes, utilities, food, and health care. And if you have over a hundred thousand dollars savings, it can protect you for over eleven years.

As compared to any advanced Asian countries, like China, Japan, and Taiwan, to mention a few, the Philippines has the best rate in purchasing a property, and it all depends on the location. For example, you want a little bit of a luxurious lifestyle, a hundred and fifty thousand euros or dollars, it will provide you a large fancy house.

Here is the estimated decent lifestyle monthly budget of a single foreign person living in the Philippines’ rural or the provinces.

Housing/Rent 10,000
Food 5,000
Mobile Loads 2,200
Transportation 2,500
Utilities 2,500
Miscellaneous 3,000
Total Peso 25,200 (€450)


Freedom is generally practicing in the country; everyone has the right to express their voices to be heard until it gets noticed. Most Filipinos are uncompromising when it comes to protesting, ensuring their rights.


Since the current administration is in office in the Philippines, the road network has improved drastically, especially in rural areas with difficult access to long travel distances. And have a significant change significantly in the Capital city, which is Manila.

Public Transportation

The Philippines has no problem with public transport. Buses, trains, taxis, metros, tricycles, and jeepneys are transportation in the country. However, metros are operating within the city of Manila only. Trains are operational or running from La union to the Bicol region only.


In the Philippines, you can choose any religion you want to associate with it. Everybody has the freedom to join a congregation. Christianity is a common belief in the country, and the immense faith is Roman Catholicism, followed by Evangelical, Iglesia ni Kristo, Aglipayan, and Muslim.

Cons of living in the Philippines


One of the significant problems in the country is racism; this occurs during jobs interview. An example in Manila’s capital city is applying for a job as a foreigner end up to nothing. Sometimes it is whom you know and not what you know.


The major problem of the country is employment. One factor is population growth; it is quite difficult to accommodate any qualified applicant for the jobs. And every year, the number of graduates with a different degree is increasing. There is not enough work available for every job seeker. The reason that many Filipinos go abroad, leaving their family to work overseas. Moreover, there are five employment types: regular or permanent job, term or fixed, project employment, seasonal and casual jobs.


The Philippines law states that when you are a foreigner and want to settle in the country. You can own a house in any structure that sits on the land but prohibits you from owning the land. An example is a condominium; you own the condo unit but not the ground beneath it. Many restrictions apply to foreigners who buy a property in the country, except when married to a Filipino. However, Filipino citizens have no such difficulty for as long as they ask permission to build a structure on their land.


The Filipino language is like any language in a country; it requires that you must learn. It is quite an adaptive language to learn. However, most Filipinos recognize English speaking, and most of their textbook written in English except for Filipino subjects.

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The Life of the Politician

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My simple overview is about a politician.
What exactly to be like as a public servant? Is it to gain just popularity or serve the people to the community or a country at large? When it comes to politics, what comes to your mind in the first place?

With a few people, they regard being popular to recognize by everybody. Some consider them to run for the position for the pledge and duty to upheld with great honor.

In my perspective, I respect every Politician’s view because to become a leader; you need to dedicate more of your time and your energy. It is a responsibility that you carry for a long time, depending on your term in office. The most demanding task you are engaging in life is shouldering the peoples and a nation’s problem if you occupy a seat as elected official into any position. You play a specific role, and attention is most needed.

The most rigid occupation in everything regarding politicians is a president’s duty. It requires a patient and an eloquent mindset to stand firm to attain a perfect result, though it is quite severe sanctions. As by the old saying, you gain excellence by sowing efforts. It is quite challenging to divert to everyone if it means serving in its best interest for others.

However, many people are sometimes reckless in giving feedback to any elected government official saying ridicule words that seem for them it is accessible without thinking. Throwing arguments that even themselves can’t understand it and saying a word without examining the core. Indeed, social media and other reading materials have become the secondary source of many on the matter; on the other hand, very few who do as a primary source.

In this scenario, it takes efforts to lead and take care of every individual’s voice. To usher in the highest and solemn position requires punctuality and diligence. However, politics has been branded as the trickiest task of all undertakings. Somehow, those were in the office as an elected leader; they need the masses’ respect because they’re the ones who place them in that position. Considering that every one of us has a particular role in adapting to society, we are involved.

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The Pros and Cons of living in Portugal

Have you ever thought of migrating to a foreign land? Portugal is one of the most heavily visited countries in Europe by tourists all year round. Portugal is a small country, and regions like the Alentejo and the Algarve have different climates. Even the capital, Lisbon, can be relatively mild in the winter.

road through mountains

Migrating in a foreign country can be very exciting and overwhelming simultaneously, especially if you don’t speak the language. You’ve got to learn and adapt to the culture and lifestyle. I call Portugal as my second home. It was terrific, but some things need to understand, and before you plunge, you need to know the pros and cons.

Pros of living in Portugal


Portuguese people are warm to welcome every visitor, enthusiast, friendly, helpful, and kind-hearted. They love to enjoy spending time with family and their close neighbors, most often in the afternoon having lunch or coffee together, and enjoying their company for hours. Also, they have a healthy family and relatives bonds.

Family Allowance Benefits

Every household receives an allowance depending on their annual income. Family allowances income-tested, the allocation generally based on the reference family income and the child’s benefits age. The citation family income is determined by dividing all working family members’ total revenue by the number of eligible children plus one—reference income group categorize in three dimensions entitled to the benefit rate.

The social benefit amounted to €419.22 monthly.

In case the reference family income is lower than half of the social benefit of €140.76 monthly payment for each child up to 12 months old and €35.19 monthly for each child more aged than 36 months.

Eligible children aged six to sixteen receive an additional payment each September for education fees.

Regarding the family income of fifty-one percent to hundred percent of the social benefit rate, €116.74 monthly payment for every child a year old €29.19 a month for each child more aged than 36 months; from hundred and one percent to hundred and fifty percent of the social benefits rate, an amount of €92.29 monthly paid for each child up to 12 months of age and €26.54 a month for each child older than 36 months.

For a disabled child special additive: €59.48 monthly payment for a child younger than age fourteen €86.62 ages 14 to 18; €115.96 in the ages 18 to 24 supplement increases by twenty percent beneficiaries living in single-parent families.

Constant-attendance supplement: €88.37 a month paid to the child who has a disability and requires others’ constant attendance to perform daily functions. Note: The figures can change annually.  


Freedom is widely most practiced in the country, and treat everyone with strict respect. They exercise taking care of others in case of any involvement in such protests that sometimes lead to a complaint. Before any riots occur, they know how to come up with an easy solution without any harm. They keep anybody to make sure that nobody out of control.


Portugal’s infrastructure is better since the entry of the European Union has changed dramatically. With the help of EU funds, Portugal has managed to invest in its rail and road network, including the busiest international airports in the four most prominent cities: Lisbon, Faro, Porto, and Madeira.

Public Transportation

There is no such problem with public transport in Portugal. Trams, buses, trains, metros, and taxis are a means of transportation. They are considering that metros are operating only to two major cities, Lisbon and Porto. The country has an extensive network of trains and in various types.

Four types of trains function

  • The high-speed trains
  • Urban commuter trains
  • Intercity trains
  • Regional and inter-regional trains

Cons of living in Portugal


Before buying a property in Portugal, you need to stay or live for at least six months to ensure that everything is worth doing if you live in the EU. However, if you come from a foreign country or outside the EU, you must apply first for residency. It is easy to purchase a house or lot, but you must be aware of it. Let say you are buying a lot, and a ruined structure stands on; you can’t demolish it; all you have and need to do is rebuild again on how it used to be. Same through with the house, especially when bricks build or put an extension on it; you need permission if you are allowed to do in short. Location is a must that you need to consider when purchasing a property; when near the coast, the price is high compared to the countryside. Real state agents are everywhere in Portugal as a guide for you to purchase your dream house but remember that every agent they work in a commission, so expect a quiet hike to the normal price.


Portugal is one of the developing countries in Europe, and the standard of living is quite affordable. Employment has a low rate of jobs compared to some EU countries. Portuguese minimum salary for a civil servant is 580 euros to 600 monthly. Many companies will find out inflation rates to negotiate with your wages.
It is not very easy to look for a job when you are foreign outside of Europe. However, the choice is vast, and it all depends on your skills.


Christianity is widely practiced in Portugal, and there are no other religions that exercise different beliefs. The Catholic Church has the highest rates in the country, eighty-one percent of the population following the said religion. Islamic theology and Judaism are not recognized, although they are some families who migrated and carried to their religious practice.


The Portuguese language is like any other language; if it’s not your mother tongue, it is difficult. However, some words have the same meaning in Spanish and Italian language. If you speak Spanish, French, and English, then you have no difficulty staying in the country because most Portuguese does speak those languages.

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The Art of Having Friends

Having a good friend is one of the best gifts you receive from all walks of life. A friend is someone you can trust and lean on to share your thoughts and dreams in life—a friend who stands on your side no matter whether the situations may look dark. Someone is significant to be with and not parallel towards anybody else when things are bright and comfortable to chase.

However, a real friend is quite difficult to find when you have a principle to follow. The things that you wanted to be kind like a friend, something with your standard. On the other hand, if you are not a social type of person, it would make you not vulnerable to have one.

To win a friend, you got to present the real you and accept who people the way they are. And being self-centered is not good either because you might end up isolated without anybody to talk to when you needed. When you don’t accept friendship in social media, there are many ways of making friends. I can’t think of anybody, at least that no one around it as a friend. Besides, living your life without a friend is like living in a dark world with no shadow.

Whatever the scenario, a true friend does exist, and it all depends on you on how to develop friendship towards others. If you know how to adapt yourself to any aspect of engaging with another character, it is not difficult. Considering that nobody can stand alone or, as the saying goes, no man is an island. Building the connection you have with your friends other is something only the two of you understand, appreciate, and your friend as someone who cares and respects. A friendship develops love and understanding differences and flaws with one another. Also, both of you are in tune with one another that you think the same thoughts.

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The Power of Faith

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Have you ever experienced life with great anxiety and all your hope in life it seems to fade away? Sometimes you dream big ahead of you figuring out that you want to attain for living in this world. Then suddenly the world has thrown at you a big messed an incurable diseases that only faith can cure the agony inside you.

This story is from a young man named Jeff. He asks me to write about his life because he knew that many people are suffering the same challenges in life concerning health issues and hoping that can edify anybody especially so when FAITH is the only solution to cure the situation.

Jeff is the eldest of three siblings, and as a young and healthy kid, he enjoys playing soccer and also his dream one day to become professional to that field. Henceforth, at age fifteen things began changing rapidly, particularly with his health, got diagnosed with the inoperable blood disease, heart and paralysed afflictions. These led him to a bedridden person. His mother became devastated with the position of his suffering because all the four medical Doctors who have diagnosed him had given up on him, telling her that nothing more they could do for Jeff.

Two years long of suffering.

The mother of Jeff did everything that she can to help by asking elders preachers to come to their house to comfort in giving him advice. But Jeff didn’t find it that good idea because none of the guests lifted his desire to get well; instead, he heard them saying that he will soon be dead. From then on, he told his mother to stop welcoming people that will only frustrate him even more except his best friend, Adrian.

One Saturday afternoon, Adrian visited Jeff after the soccer match; he was in distress seeing the situation of his great friend. It breaks his heart, and he couldn’t think of anything to give except the Bible. They both love attending any Christian church, and their goal of listening is to be with God. However, the first visit of Adrian lasted for three hours of conversation and leaving Jeff with the words, “you will live and not die”, just read the Bible and remember the promises of Jesus Christ, keep your faith, look upon Jesus; in which he did.

Meanwhile, the distance relatives waited for an opportunity to go for a visit for Jeff. However, their family visit causes him to lament, and he couldn’t believe in his ears – hearing near to death; is not the kind of words he wanted to hear from relatives; hence, he didn’t harbour iniquity in his heart. Moreso, he agreed with the mother if possible that nobody can come inside his room without permission.

A year has have passed Jeff condition still unstable, and he became pale and skinny until such time he could no longer move his body. His mother bath and fed him like a newly born baby. The mother was strong as him in faith believing that one day he will be healed.

On the other hand, Jeff continued to read the Bible and develop strong spiritual faith and relationship unto God. And he keeps on talking, meditating and confessing the word of God, saying; I believe I receive healing for my incurable blood disease, my paralytic, and heart problem, from the top of my head down to the sole of my feet. And kept saying and praising praying every night; prayed all whole night long spending praising God. And several nights nearly all night long. The scriptures that he mediates and confesses every time.

Mark 11:23-24 NKJV – 23 For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

Ten days before his seventeen birthday, Jeff continues praising and praying to God, suddenly felt the heat inside his body and feeling no pain, and then he made an effort to stand up. He stood on his bed jumping and walking around his room shouting the word few times, ” I’m healed “! Then knelt with his face on the ground hands on his head weeping and thanking the Lord for his healing. The following morning he asks his mother to bring his clothes to take a bath and said that he would join them to have breakfast. The mother was baffled because he still laying on the bed, he said; God healed my afflictions, mom. The mother overjoyed and could not talk back, except for thanking God. On the third day, his mother brought him to the hospital to let him a check-up. She has brought with her the previous Doctors report. Doctors confirmed that Jeff is indeed free from his diseases.

Lastly, to this day, Jeff is nineteen years old helping young children, to believe the power of prayer and put their faith to God alone.

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A Childhood Experience

A Childhood Memory, reminiscing a group of a friend of mine while tending flocks, and as we all know, we all have storytelling to share and so forth.
When I was young at eight years old, there was a young couple, aged nineteen years, and twenty-one years old who lost their way and had entangled in the mountain where we used to tend our Buffalos. It could have been worse situations they have faced through their journey if they didn’t found us. I used to call them, people who lost their way in the jungle!

A Chapel inside the cave

Jenna and Frank are both from Vienna, Austria, who traveled to the Philippines for three weeks vacation in the region of Cagayan Valley, the northern part of the country. They booked ten days to stay in a hotel called hotel Delfino in the capital city of Cagayan Valley. Their purpose of vacationing to the province is to visit the Callao Cave in Peñablanca Cagayan, my town. On their second day of the stay, they decided to go to Callao Cave a thirty-five minutes ride to the hotel where they stayed and left the place at six-thirty in the morning, to start the trek without a guide or flyers to lead them to the site. They avoided asking people for help to direct them on the location, thinking that they wouldn’t drive the right way because most of the people are staring at them and are not used to it; they thought of a negative thing. The early morning boat trip should only be for two minutes to take them to cross the river to reach Callao Cave, somehow, ride a wrong boat that led them elsewhere, joining passengers who are returning to their respective houses. As all passengers get off in the wooden boat, so they did the same as well.

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Callao Pinacanauan River view

Farther away, took the wrong path in search of the Cave until to the extent they arrive at the area where kids are tending the herds.

Upon arriving at our place where we are tending flocks, we are all in tremendous shock and afraid because we are just kids, all girls, and the oldest is eleven years old. On the other hand, Jenna and Frank are gazing at us with a composed utterance. There was a quiet moment of silence until I broke the silence. I ask where they come from and where they are going. I got no answer, but instead, they ask if we can show the right way to the Callao Cave. Suddenly, Frank interrupted everyone and replied with my question; he said that we came from Tuguegarao city, but we are tourists., originally from Austria. However, instead of showing the direction in which way to go, we decided to guide them for four kilometers walking—fun, many talks with different types of topics., as a kid, I like questioning.

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Peñablanca Pinacanauan river

Jenna is tall, a timid type of person who loves traveling and enjoys anything, especially adapting cultures of any country she has visited. At the same time, Frank is an athletic body and ambitious not much in moving far, but he loves diving.

We accompanied Jenna and Frank back to the riverbank, where the wooden boat stationed and instructed the boat chauffeur to bring them to Callao Cave. However, Jenna insisted that if all five of us can join them, that would be fun, said she and they would shoulder all the expenses, we accepted the offer because it takes only twenty minutes of the journey to get to the Cave. At that time, I don’t know any better, telling Jenna and Frank about the Cave, which is interesting to see inside. A stone that grows in different shapes, and it is a cold place to spend the entire day.
As we approached the site, Jenna gave me a piece of paper written her address on it, keeping it for yourself she said, one day we will see each other again.

Lastly, over two decades later, we met in the Algarve, Portugal, she was shopping in my grocery shop or shall I say convenience store.

These days they are my family friend residing in Lisbon, Portugal, formerly from Vienna, Austria.

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Learning is a Continuous Process

Whatever you believe, it develops you as a human being, whether you listen to other people’s teachings or adapt what you have learned from them, but it all depends on how you perceive it.

Learning is a continuous process, and sometimes we learn from our mistakes and other people. Then we begin to develop and motivate ourselves to become a better person from all walks of life.

Allowing the teaching of others and applying it into our lives improves our ways of life; it gives us a flow of acceptance to associate in society.

But above all else, when we allow Christ Jesus to operate into our lives, the more it becomes better. Because with God, there is nothing impossible. Suppose you are a Christian believer.

I remember once a fellow who questioned me about God, regarding the situation she is in at that time. She said if there is God, why I am struggling and why he doesn’t help me out of my troubles, and those rich people continue to become wealthy! And she kept on saying that others they make easy money! I answered her; it depends on how you approach a situation and the choice you make for life. God does communicate with us into our inner being. I told her to take off in her mind negative thoughts about people, especially when you don’t know how the struggle they have been through to be able to reach the level they are of what they have accomplished. If it is easier for them, then it should have been more comfortable for you as well. It is better to admire people who are prosperous to learn their secret how they acquire—realized that we have a different stream. Remember in your mind that whatever you do, you create them.

Furthermore, be available and stop complaining about any troubles that hook you. Teach yourself how to navigate in the realm of life. Be positive, stay focus, and pamper yourself too with the power within you to get a good result.

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Strolling in the Wilderness

Sometimes we stumble into a place unknown to us, and then a discovery has taken place. Strolling in the wilderness is something worth doing when you notice a site that looks like a haven in many ways. And wandering into a remote location that you’re not familiar with can make you wonder where you are heading and then suddenly, reach a beautiful place or somewhat, my team calls it a breathtaking view.

We went for a walk with my team and I in a remote area; we were four in total; at first, it is quite complicated for us because we do not have any idea where we are going, but the thought we all have agreed is to discover something different and new. While we are in our hike, I jokingly say, we are not lost, we are in Limburg in the eastern province of Belgium in the middle of nowhere. It is fun much talk with different subjects that the four of us shared.

To make the story short, the focal point of our stretch is the beautiful scenery that could hardly find it, especially when you are not a resident nearby the place—a ‘Lake’ that rich in aquatic. The site’s surroundings are tranquil except the noise of the hummingbirds and ducks that swan dive in the lake. The water is clear and clean, that you can see any reflection around it. The freshness of the air, you feel the coolness and, at the same time, calmness of the surrounding.

Here is a short clip from the area.

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The Importance of Forests and Trees.

The world is full of splendid beauty if we consider it and take a closer look at it; we discover and know the importance of forests and trees.

Forest and trees considered as a livelihood for humans and play a decisive contribution to society.

They are commonly known for their crucial roles in food security, drinking water, inexhaustible energy, rural and urban economies. They produce income for rural households in all countries in the world – noticeably more in large areas – and used as fuel for cooking and heating for one in every three people worldwide.
Forests are demanding to livelihoods, and are indispensable to sustaining agriculture. And it is also used as a shelter. Some other ways to figure it out; wood and paper from trees, fruits, etc. not forgetting, such as by-products, cosmetics, detergents, and medicines.

Lastly, trees fight erosion, keep and protect the ground below their branches fresh, and provide homes for an estimated eighty-five percent of the world’s natural plant and animal species. From medicine to food supply to climate regulation, forests are a fundamental, irreplaceable resource.

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Flowers are Eye-Catching

This garden is one of the most two hundred beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is located in Geistingen, the Eastern part of Belgium, and is an open garden with a variety of plants, but the majority are roses.

Thanks to rearing breakthroughs, practically anyone can grow roses. Typical roses that stipulate weekly sprays and ceaseless pampering have been replaced by new, tough-as-nails beauties that blend flower power, winter hardiness, and inflammation defiance. These roses new selections are called the landscape roses.

These groups of roses include many different types, but floribunda, climber, miniature, and shrub roses often fit the category. These types of roses truly deliver, blending vigorous flowering with the best bug resistance. Once mural roses start flourishing, flowers keep coming the intact the entire growing season. Blossoms typically are gathered in an assemblage.
Whether you’re composing your first jaunt into rose growing or have a courtyard full of roses, you won’t go wrong trying one of your favorite scenery roses.

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The Silence of the Noise

One of the most visited areas in the rural place of the Limburg region is in Kinrooi, the eastern part of Belgium. The site is always tourists packed with locals alike, but due to the current situation, the world pandemic, the area has become the rural tranquility.

The site Geistingen is one of the five districts a part of the municipality of Kinrooi, situated in the region of Limburg, Belgium. The Tranquil Geistingen sat to the next “River Maas” only five kilometers to the Netherlands or Holland border.

Kessenich is the oldest village. Opposite the neo-Gothic St. Martin’s Church in Kessenich is the ruin of a robust octagonal moth tower from the 12th-century.

The rural Kinrooi consists of five church villages: Geistingen, Kessenich, Kinrooi, Molenbeersel, and Ophoven. The municipality is rich in remarkable monuments such as castle Borgitter, the Slichtenhof, and three grinding mills: the Keijersmolen, Zorgvlietmolen, and Lemmensmolen. Kessenich shows off the ruin of the 12th-century moth tower and the Sint-Martinuskerk, ‘(Saint Martin Church ) pearl of the Maasland.’

Since the outcrops in the floodplains of the Meuse, Kinrooi has become a real water sports municipality. The Marec marinas “De Spaanjerd” in Ophoven and “Heerenlaak” in Aldeneik can accommodate one thousand four hundred boats.

Kinrooi and its surroundings offer a range of cycling and walking options for those who like action and variety. Drive your bicycle’s freedom and follow the blue numbered signs off the cross-border bicycle route network “Kempen en Maasland” or cycle along one of the theme routes: the Molenroute Kinrooi or the Maasvaartroute. Or wear on your good shoes and walk along signposted paths in the nature and forest areas of the Kempen-Broek and the Drie Eigen.

Sunbathers can visit a beautiful sandy beach in the area of ​​”de Steenberg.” Sailing and surfing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in the Maasplassen.

If you prefer to relinquish the helm, you can take a cruise on the Maas with the tour boat “De Paep van Meinecom III.”

The boroughs of Ophoven, Geistingen, and Kessenich still breathe the atmosphere of centuries ago. It is no coincidence that the Roman track wound through these three villages. Suppose you want to experience how it used to be here. Considering the possible in the heme chamber of the Historical and Historical Society Kinrooi, beautifully situated in the renovated Slichtenhof in Molenbeersel.

The environment is also stunning. In the beautiful Dutch towns of Thorn and Stevensweert, you can read the history of the walls! Aldeneik, Maaseik, Bree, and Weert (Netherlands), with their historical, cultural, and shopping assets, are just a stone’s throw away.

Kinrooi is rich in folklore. No fewer than eight militia groups are still active here, including the Sint-Servatius Raam militia from Ophoven. They were the winner of the Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest (OLS) in 2017. Colorful traditions such as putting sweep, burning ‘Malbroek,’ the Sint-Maartensvuren, and the Molenfeesten attract many curious people every year.

Map of 3640 Kinrooi
Map of Kinrooi

An exciting opportunity is the least that can be said about the application to register the GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek as a UNESCO Human and Biosphere Area. In times when sustainability is high on the global agenda, UNESCO wants to use this label to recognize areas in which sustainable development is tangible. Since Belgium does not yet have such a space, GrensPark Kempen ~ Broek will be the first Belgian region to try to qualify for this label.

Discover the area municipality on foot, by bike or by boat, through exciting routes, and afterward, let yourself be pampered in a few of the restaurants nearby.

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Anger Can Lead to Distraction

Angry pigeon portrait

A multitude of people gets angry and offended when people attack them or speak against them. They are so quick to fray insults and accusations that were thrown at them.
However, let’s take a look at a great man from the Bible named David. He never got angry in all the numerous times’ Goliath attacked the Israelites.
Goliath would insult and even ridicule the Israelites, but David never responded. But when Goliath begins to speak evil about the God of Israel, and that David, ready to reprisal, questioned, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine to defile the God of the armies of Israel?”
The moment Goliath communicate against the God of Israel, David entered into defense posture.
Why is it then, that you, as a child of God, can hear many insults against your God yet keep quiet? Why do you get disturbed the way you do when they talk about you and, however, remain indifferent when they insult your God?
We, as soldiers of Christ, rise and learn how to fight and defend this God whom we serve. We are here to be an exemplary trooper who will secure the cause of the gospel no matter what may seem to happen.

Thank you for reading.

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