Underneath The Darkness There’s Light

Life is not easy for many especially when we have had experienced the loss of loved ones. I take my opportune time to share my shorter story. I am the eldest of five siblings my parents have. Both my parents are farmers, we have a healthy life and have just enough for a living. At six years of age – I began realized the meaning of life, my father didn’t finish high school and my mother went to school just once!

My father is a man who has a brain and willing to pursue a higher education, but his parents couldn’t afford to pay his school fees, so instead of going to school, he decided to stop to help his parents on the farm. On the other hand, my mother attended one time, the school classes, the reason why – is that she is afraid to cross the river before she can reach the school. Her parents were agreed on her decision to stop going to school so that they can help them in the farm. My parents were neighbors but they never knew each other until both of their parents needs a helping hand. My father is 4 years older than my mother. Shortly, after a year of knowing each other, they got married.

Living together as husband and wives for ten years, they have produced five children. Two boys and three girls. But life is sometimes painful, I grew up as a matured child in every walk of life. I thought “ witch people”, doesn’t exist but they do exist, why I say so because one of our neighbors gave a glass of water to my younger brother and two hours later he died. I couldn’t believe that I lost my healthy young brother at age five. After his death, I’m the one who’s most affected because I took care of him while my parents are at the farm. But anger arose with my parent hearts to our neighbor, who caused the death of my brother.  Three months later my parents decided to move close to the city and sold everything we have. Then we start all over again.

My parents bought a property close to the city. From countryside to life close to the city is pretty much different from where we come from, noises are everywhere and air pollution as well – the smell of the surroundings were too bad indescribable. Living in this kind of place is disgusting for me. I told to my father that I don’t like the place, instead, he replied that we need to help each other to live a healthy life. They start up a business with one item to sell at the pavement, called banana cake. We managed to make a living for it for two years and have gained some profit.

From the distance walking from the school, I saw dark smoke up in the sky to where we are living. I ran fast to reach the place and saw everything that our house is on fire including our neighbor house, in total there are twenty-one houses, turns to ashes. Gas bottles for cooking exploded because of the hot temperatures – that’s caused the fire. We lost everything except the cloth and a pair of shoes we were wearing. From then, my parents ask for the help from their parents. But there was no help from my father parents side because my grandfather was dying. So, back to the old place, living with grandparents of my fathers’ side.The situation getting slowly worse until we lose my grandfather at age of seventy-two.

I couldn’t think of something better happens to my parents and siblings.It was painful after the death of my grandfather, my father became sick, suffered from over fatigue according to his Doctor. A couple months later – he died. This something that my world beginning to sink, because I only see darkness. My father died at age of thirty-eight. For us all who he left with, it’s agonizing moment. My mom couldn’t speak to anyone – it took her few months to recover from my father’s death.

Within five months from the death of my father. Things began to change slightly different. I was ten years old when we move to my mother’s parents house. I stop from school to help my mother, the rest of my siblings were under the care of my aunt, mom’s eldest sister. My mom and I applied as a domestic helper we got the job instantly – I babysit a three years old girl, the rest of the work my mom does. In two months away from home, work to earn a living – a member of the family came for a bad news, that my three years younger brother is ill. I went home without my mom because our employers were off holiday leaving with us the three-year daughter for one month. Home at three-hour journeys, I was shocked upon seeing how my little brother looks like – very skinny, I hugged him tight and he whispers to me, why it took you so long to come home and where our mom, crying leaning his head on my shoulder, I couldn’t help but cry too. My aunt says – he couldn’t sleep and can’t eat well. My mother came home two days after our employer had arrived, the condition of my little brother became worst, one week later he died. During that time my mother fainted.

I questioned many times myself why these are happening, what is lies ahead of us? I decided to study and finish a course; enrolled in third grade in elementary, from then on, I told myself no turning back help yourself for a better future. My mother agreed with my plans but she said to me, how can I fund your school needs – you are with three?! I told her not to worry – we will help each other in everything to survive. Forget all the agony and the pain that have happened to us – we need to move forward and do something for the future. We need to commit ourselves to find something useful and benefits us all.

Life is short, enjoy every moment no matter what the situation looks like. Smile because underneath the darkness there’s light. Though my younger year was sorrowful, I value life and take cares of lives of others. I believe in God and now I based my life from the Bible – considering the book of life. That keeps me going by meditating and applying the word of God in my daily routine. For me, religion is an organization that brings people together that can’t save anyone’s soul, it’s the belief, trust, and love we carry towards God that save us all. However, I do respect everyone’s belief!