The Life of the Politician

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My simple overview is about a politician.
What exactly to be like as a public servant? Is it to gain just popularity or serve the people to the community or a country at large? When it comes to politics, what comes to your mind in the first place?

With a few people, they regard being popular to recognize by everybody. Some consider them to run for the position for the pledge and duty to upheld with great honor.

In my perspective, I respect every Politician’s view because to become a leader; you need to dedicate more of your time and your energy. It is a responsibility that you carry for a long time, depending on your term in office. The most demanding task you are engaging in life is shouldering the peoples and a nation’s problem if you occupy a seat as elected official into any position. You play a specific role, and attention is most needed.

The most rigid occupation in everything regarding politicians is a president’s duty. It requires a patient and an eloquent mindset to stand firm to attain a perfect result, though it is quite severe sanctions. As by the old saying, you gain excellence by sowing efforts. It is quite challenging to divert to everyone if it means serving in its best interest for others.

However, many people are sometimes reckless in giving feedback to any elected government official saying ridicule words that seem for them it is accessible without thinking. Throwing arguments that even themselves can’t understand it and saying a word without examining the core. Indeed, social media and other reading materials have become the secondary source of many on the matter; on the other hand, very few who do as a primary source.

In this scenario, it takes efforts to lead and take care of every individual’s voice. To usher in the highest and solemn position requires punctuality and diligence. However, politics has been branded as the trickiest task of all undertakings. Somehow, those were in the office as an elected leader; they need the masses’ respect because they’re the ones who place them in that position. Considering that every one of us has a particular role in adapting to society, we are involved.

Thank you for reading.

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14 thoughts on “The Life of the Politician

  1. β™‘ This is Beautiful if ALL Respectfully Discuss and are Observed; yet there are Many Houses of “Politicians” where a Debate Results in a Physical BRAWL!!! or Psychological and Soulful Violence



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    1. Thank you for commenting! You are right. However, it isn’t accessible to opinion any politician, especially when they didn’t come from rags. Politics have a more significant impact on society, and anger that leads to violence.

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      1. β™‘ I Totally SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) YOUR!!! Point; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that many “politicians, especially when they didn’t come from rags” then developed “have a more significant impact on society, and anger that leads to violence.” While Peasant Parents Show Humanity while Wealthy Parents insist on More Financial Wealth and Political Power


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