Learning is a Continuous Process

Whatever you believe, it develops you as a human being, whether you listen to other people’s teachings or adapt what you have learned from them, but it all depends on how you perceive it.

Learning is a continuous process, and sometimes we learn from our mistakes and other people. Then we begin to develop and motivate ourselves to become a better person from all walks of life.

Allowing the teaching of others and applying it into our lives improves our ways of life; it gives us a flow of acceptance to associate in society.

But above all else, when we allow Christ Jesus to operate into our lives, the more it becomes better. Because with God, there is nothing impossible. Suppose you are a Christian believer.

I remember once a fellow who questioned me about God, regarding the situation she is in at that time. She said if there is God, why I am struggling and why he doesn’t help me out of my troubles, and those rich people continue to become wealthy! And she kept on saying that others they make easy money! I answered her; it depends on how you approach a situation and the choice you make for life. God does communicate with us into our inner being. I told her to take off in her mind negative thoughts about people, especially when you don’t know how the struggle they have been through to be able to reach the level they are of what they have accomplished. If it is easier for them, then it should have been more comfortable for you as well. It is better to admire people who are prosperous to learn their secret how they acquire—realized that we have a different stream. Remember in your mind that whatever you do, you create them.

Furthermore, be available and stop complaining about any troubles that hook you. Teach yourself how to navigate in the realm of life. Be positive, stay focus, and pamper yourself too with the power within you to get a good result.

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