Strolling in the Wilderness

Sometimes we stumble into a place unknown to us, and then a discovery has taken place. Strolling in the wilderness is something worth doing when you notice a site that looks like a haven in many ways. And wandering into a remote location that you’re not familiar with can make you wonder where you are heading and then suddenly, reach a beautiful place or somewhat, my team calls it a breathtaking view.

We went for a walk with my team and I in a remote area; we were four in total; at first, it is quite complicated for us because we do not have any idea where we are going, but the thought we all have agreed is to discover something different and new. While we are in our hike, I jokingly say, we are not lost, we are in Limburg in the eastern province of Belgium in the middle of nowhere. It is fun much talk with different subjects that the four of us shared.

To make the story short, the focal point of our stretch is the beautiful scenery that could hardly find it, especially when you are not a resident nearby the place—a ‘Lake’ that rich in aquatic. The site’s surroundings are tranquil except the noise of the hummingbirds and ducks that swan dive in the lake. The water is clear and clean, that you can see any reflection around it. The freshness of the air, you feel the coolness and, at the same time, calmness of the surrounding.

Here is a short clip from the area.

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