The Importance of Forests and Trees.

The world is full of splendid beauty if we consider it and take a closer look at it; we discover and know the importance of forests and trees.

Forest and trees considered as a livelihood for humans and play a decisive contribution to society.

They are commonly known for their crucial roles in food security, drinking water, inexhaustible energy, rural and urban economies. They produce income for rural households in all countries in the world – noticeably more in large areas – and used as fuel for cooking and heating for one in every three people worldwide.
Forests are demanding to livelihoods, and are indispensable to sustaining agriculture. And it is also used as a shelter. Some other ways to figure it out; wood and paper from trees, fruits, etc. not forgetting, such as by-products, cosmetics, detergents, and medicines.

Lastly, trees fight erosion, keep and protect the ground below their branches fresh, and provide homes for an estimated eighty-five percent of the world’s natural plant and animal species. From medicine to food supply to climate regulation, forests are a fundamental, irreplaceable resource.

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