Attitude Can Motivate or Break Anyone

Attitude can motivate or break anyone. Sometimes our views can snare us with the way we approach the situation we engaged in life.

I remember years back; I have a neighbor who lives a luxurious life. She owns many properties in some countries in the world. I call her a billionaire. She is a kind-heart person who loves to share anything she has to anyone she pleases, and considers me one of her friends.

She lives in an electronic house with twelve bedrooms with a toilet in it, five bathrooms, and a vast swimming pool in which she is the key to entering. And if strangers come closer before going inside the house a meter away, you can hear the alarm outside instead of inside, and it is like the loud sound of a car alarm.

Her passion in life is playing the piano, aside from playing different kinds of instruments. Her life circulates alone with a keyboard because when she was three years old, she started playing the device, and to this day, she calls it her husband.

The problem arises when one of her favorite pianos has broken down, and according to her, the device is so precious that she can’t replace it because it is a gift from her grandmother. She told me that whenever she plays to it, it reminds her of the good memories she had from her grandma. Then she has begun to look for somebody who can repair the instrument, but out of ten people who she knew that they’re capable enough to fix, contrary to what she expected. However, she never gives up with her device to let it go, but her attitude towards her household turns sour.

In the second half of the year, to be precise September, she came to my place asking me if I know anyone who could repair her piano. I answered her that I do not know anybody, but I suggested she advertised through Newspaper and accepted it.

Three months later, a man who was in his over seventies came to her place to go and fix her piano. The man looks skinny and filthy knocks to her door and opens it, at first she thought that the man comes for food, so she went to her fridge to grab anything to give to the guy; but the man said, I don’t come for food, I come to restore your piano. However, she is reluctant to let the man enter her house and tell him he doesn’t need him. She sends him away, but the man is persistent and said to her that he is the only one who can fix the piano and have traveled far to come to her place.

Furthermore, she let him in, after saying mocking words, telling the man that she hired many technicians who are well educated, but they could not do anything, and you think you can do it,” said in a loud voice,” with no respect! The man said, in a calm voice, he replied I would fix it for you.

Meanwhile, the man restoring the instrument is crying according to the maidservant, when done fixing it. Afterward, he plays the piano, and to the owners’ surprise, it settles, and the sound was better than it used to be. The owner apologizes and asks who he is, but instead of answering the man wipe the dusty upper right corner of the device, his name written on it. He said I built this piano, and I am part of it. I gave this to your grandmother as a gift, because she had been an excellent friend of mine.

Most people judge the physical appearance of a person without knowing what they are capable of doing.

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