The Beauty of the Sun

The Alluring beauty of the sun sometimes caught our attention to gaze on it. And when we look at it, it gives the feeling and meaning of our lives day by day, whether bad or good.

Most of us Christians consider that God created the sun with a unique or specific function to govern the day of our universe, and without it, our world is useless. The same through it applies to life; we can not live without the sun because everything it’s connected in it, like happiness, love, friendship and family, and whatever the case the sun plays the significant role in the human race.

To some people, it is their spiritual guidance to direct them in the natural realm of life. And concerning the choice, they wish to follow that the sun leads to their destiny.

And in science, the sun is considered as the primary source of energy on the earth. It is also the source and formation of the clouds, rain and winds. The clouds when formed the water vapor it rises the sky, then it cools and condenses that forming the clouds.

The sun also used for heating water and warming houses by the use of solar energy.

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