The Mind is the Doorway to Life

The mind is the doorway of life. Whatever we do in this walk of life, it always starts in the brain. And what the eye sees the brain reacts. If a person uses his mind correctly at the highest level, there is nothing impossible in achieving the dream. Though a stumbling block may arise in any form, you can avoid it, and you can come out victoriously.

The ability to perceive things begins in mind, and without it, the whole being of a person becomes paralyzed.

To navigate in life is to discover your purpose and align your thoughts towards your goals. It is necessary to focus in every endeavor and avoid any distractions that can lead you to your downfall. Examine your idea before you go further or test before you step into it; otherwise, you’ll be entangled with the wrong moved.

Thank you for reading.

© 2020 Leonie M.

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