A Positive Outlook to a Dark World

The multitude of people is in an extreme frenzy for this current pandemic. The fear in the heart of many is rising, especially those building a new family or have a young family, to rate a few, overthinking about the future of no progress, regardless of the hope and plan they have for their children. They were adding to the prevailing matters of the different platform to the world.

Hearing so much negativity in no small family member that is feeling so tense and unfocused on what will the future brings. The tension is more significant than their hopes in life. However, faith doesn’t deny reality, but faith can change the fact.

Here is how to stay positive when darkness is around you:

Try to incorporate these tips to stay positive while facing uncertainty in life: Do not draw your self in the troubles that the world is facing, examine very well, and think that all these ongoing matters will come to pass. You do not deny it in whatsoever reason; it is by staying favorable to real happenings of life. You must think to live longer and have a charmed life.

Think of something that can boost your energy and give you positive results and do not cling on the negative thoughts that hound your mind. Do not make your mind as a garden of toxic dreams; instead, make as a garden of wisdom, knowledge, and revelations.

Be at your pace by finding things that can keep you busy in a manner that you can contribute to working with others. Surround yourself with people who have the same passion as you are.

Give time to your self or spend some time alone and make sure you’re not distracted. Think only positive and talk to yourself about it. Remember that your best friend should be yourself first; it is not ego or self-centered; it is called self-respect and discipline.

Stay awake with a smile on your face and meditate the good things that can keep you staying healthy. Say to your self that sickness is not my portion, and don’t spoil your day when you hear bad news; instead, say to your self bad news is not going to ruin my day. Think that what you say to your inner being is what you manifest in your life. Be of an excellent guard of your tongue. It is essential to practice every day to build your confidence in any matter of life. Be upgraded and wise.

Listen to music that inspires you the most that can release the pain you feel inside. It makes you feel good and happy. Listening to your choice of music is keeping your mind healthy and your body healthier.

Above all these, put God first in everything you do, keep in mind, that you can do everything through Christ Jesus who strengthens you.

Thank you for reading, stay safe, and God bless you all.

© 2020 Leonie M.

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