COVID-19 Impact to Human Race

Evidence is mounting that the virus can live in the air and on surfaces [Photo by Handout/US Food and Drug Administration/AFP]

We all know that this Coronavirus or COVID -19 has become the centralized global issue of our time, and it will be a history in the generation to come. Thousands of lives have taken by this pandemic, and still, many infected fighting for their lives to survive. This virus considering as an enemy that we can’t see in our naked eyes and we can’t fight back. Many medical practitioners who are on the front line asking themselves if how they can cure hundreds upon a hundred people under their care, especially whose countries have the most number of infected people of this disease. This virus strikes anyone young or elderly.

Any person contracted the disease; you can’t be at any members of your family or anyone close to you. You are isolated; worst is when you die, no one will mourn for you, that is the impact of this epidemic.

Everyone has asked many questions., like, is the air is still good to breathe? What is the possible way, not contract Coronavirus? Is there anything we can do to stop it? How long we suffer this virus? Awkward questions to find solutions. And if there is from social distancing, wearing a mask or stay home to be sure you are safe. Hand washing and the disinfecting surface is one of the key weapons to fight this virus, according to medical doctors. Also, it so vital to clean the household with disinfectant to make sure the house in proper condition. It is necessary to adds to the escalate reasons you should wash your toilet after and before using it.

The hard question: Is there anything we can do to stop or prevent it?
Trying to project or constitute predictions it is tough. In my own opinion, embrace uncertainty as everybody does. It is heartbreaking.

Lastly, let us not forget that God is in control of everything. He is always watching us, and He knows everything that happens to the world, but there are events that in the physical realm is difficult to comprehend. In the Spiritual realm, it is permissible because there is nothing that is happening on earth that heaven doesn’t know. God works in mysterious ways for the good of humanity.

A multitude of people asked where God is? Beforehand, why no one has warned about this pandemic. Where God is where you have left him? God has never been away from any one of us. He has made word available to all humanity, which is the Bible, as a road map to all walks of life. It is not new because it has been a prophecy by the Prophets from the olden days in the old Testament and even in the New Testament, during the time of Christ Jesus two thousand years ago.

But remember, too, that devil reign is on edge; his reign of terror finished.
However, let not fear overcome your faith. Standstill, God is still on the Throne, and he is faithful to bring his promise to come to pass.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and God bless you all.

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  1. ¿La Biblia, el Corán, etc…? ¿Dónde está dios? Dios nos ama, todo es bondad, cuida de nosotros…¿Dónde está? ¿Por qué permite que suceda esto? ¿Nos castiga por ser malos? Existe otra pandemia de la que nadie habla ahora y es la de los curas violadores. Sus representantes en la tierra (miles de ellos) violan a niños y niñas sin el menor escrúpulo y parece ser que les perdona. La Justicia terrenal los persigue pero la Justicia divina (dios lo perdona todo) los traslada de ubicación. Se confiesan (¡que gran invento la confesión) con otro colega similar y rezan tres padrenuestros y se van de viaje a otro lugar para continuar con sus fechorías criminales. La palabra violación (¡que bien suena!) ha perdido todo su significado pero quiero recordar que uno de estos criminales con sotana obligaba a niños de 10 años a practicarles una FELACIÓN. (También suena bien) ¿Qué es una felación? El representante de dios en la tierra les obligaba a masturbarle. Con el miembro en erección se lo introducía en sus bocas hasta que eyaculaba. Luego el criminal con sotana les obligaba a enjuagarse con agua bendita la boca porque habían pecado. ¿Se puede ser tan depravado? Otro publicó su decálogo para la elección de sus inocentes víctimas. ¡Criminales depravados. Y dios los perdona. Se tomaron al pie de la letra aquello de “Dejad que los niños se acerquen a mi”

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