My Redeemer

Amid in the night, as I seek your face
I knelt and cried out loud for help
Co’s am nothing without your presence
In the raging of the sea
And in the chasing of the flamboyant waves
I fix my eyes on you
When troubles come my way
I hide in you, and you wrap me with your arm
Because my strength is coming from you
and that you always walk with me
wherever I go, you followed me
Though I know that you are too big
to be contained with the little thing I have in mind.
When calling unto you, you always revealed to me
my next move by whispering into my ears
The reason I put my hope, faith, love, and trust in you.
I know nothing is impossible with you.
And I am blessed to follow your ways.
My redeemer stays with me.

Thank you for reading.

© 2020 Leonie M.