Freedom From Discomfort

Have you ever experienced in life that it seemed nobody there to comfort you?
The majority of us experience unexpectantly about life, and most especially regarding health. Even if you’re established financially well, if your health is not right, then it will make you no use in all walks of life. There is a saying that health is wealth, but when you’re struggling for fitness, you’re not at ease of the situation, then you start to think for a solution — the worst part of it when nobody can help you out of it.

Firstly, when uncurable disease strikes anyone of us, the thought that generates immediately into our mind is the medical Doctors can surely help to cure the illness we are facing. The truth of the matter nobody can help even parents, relatives, friends, or anybody dear to us, except the Almighty God.

Secondly, when things got worst physically, you start questioning and blaming God for why it is happening in my life. And you keep on wondering when your prayers heard and are answered regarding the issues you’re suffering within you.

However, we must know how to pray appropriately with God so that we get an answer in his timing. God is a merciful God, and it doesn’t matter what we ask from him; he will surely bring to pass. Obedient with his words and patient are vital factors to adhere to his promises. And consecrate oneself, confession, and forgiveness.

Lastly, dedicate your life to God and love God with all your heart. Consider that God is a jealous God, put him first so that he will put you first.

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