My Savior

He lifted me when I’m down
When He sees me falling apart
He strengthens my bones when I run and direct me to m
y right path
He played a vital role in my life so I could reach my destination
He comforted me when I am about to faint and lost
He is my stronghold in times of troubles in unknown territory
He takes my hands and rescues me with his unfailing love
Ever willing to help anytime in his way when I call him
He is always there to enlarge my coast to prepare into my next level
And ordered my step to my destiny like a spring of waters that never runs dry
And never get tired to watch over me
He knows where He is taking me through
He leads me better to the purpose he has planned for me
The plan He has in my life is better than my plan and the reason that I allowed him to
control my life.
And push me to my comfort zone to the next level
that more significant influence in life.
The God Who made heaven and earth is my Savior

Thank you for reading.

© 2020 Leonie M.

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