The glittering and trendy city: Antwerp, Belgium

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Antwerp is known as a diamond capital of Belgium since 1447, and it is a sturdy diamond center in the world. Known to as one of the large cities in Belgium. It also considered as world number one diamond trader since the beginning of the 15th-century. It had sprung, and the town became Europe’s main trading center in the 16th-century, and it remained the most paramount diamond center till these days.

Astonishingly 86% of the rough cuts diamonds are travels to bring in to Antwerp. That makes Belgium famous one diamonds export products. The city has about one thousand six hundred diamonds traders, and they’re close to each other.

Depending on what you are looking and do in the area; either stroll, shopping, wander or discover the historical center. There is plenty of faux and glamorous space to be seen as well beautiful corners that are home to a few best designer shopping in Europe.

The atmosphere in Antwerp is sophisticated and rational with an aesthetic life twist.

Antwerp’s Interesting places to see:

Antwerp’s Central Station

While strolling via the Central Station, you will reach the Antwerp diamond district ” Diamond Square Mile.” A hued mix of distinctive nationalities that makes its way through the avenue, negotiating from one enterprise to another. It is one of the bustling and engrossing places to wander. Throughout this walk, you will sense that you are in the area of a world diamond center.

Now, Central Station, as mention earlier, this is one attraction of Antwerp, with its historical background and with its impressive architecture designs. This splendid construction on the Astridplein consists of fortifying platform ceiling and a rock station building.The rostrum ceiling was designed dating back 1895 to 1899 by Clement van Bogaert, the roof is 43 meters high, 186 meters long and 66 meters wide. The central station was constructed in 1899 to 1905 by Louis Delacenserie in energetic style.

On August 11, 1905, the station was open to the public, and in 1975 it became a well-guarded masterpiece and from 1986 was assiduously revamped. In 2000 to 2009, the rail line hall was binary in space, including platforms on two subterranean levels. The central station had been voted several times as one of the most appealing in the world, among others by The Telegraph, Newsweek and Mashable.

Stadfeestzaal Shopping Center

One of the most and well-visited shopping center in the city is the Stadfeestzaal, it is situated in the center of Meir. In this shopping center have forty different stores that operate beneath one roof. Perfect for experience for a day out. You can find anything depending on what you are looking, from the latest trends in fashion and retail in a fascinating location. You can enjoy a refreshment in the catering business. This place is ideal on rainy days as well on a summer season.

Antwerp’s City Hall

Another place is the city hall of Antwerp, consider as one of the eye-catchers on the Market Square, with its remarkable building. The city hall named as UNESCO World Heritage in 1999. This hall has a significant cultural influence. Since the sixteenth century, the building has a rich history. There is much admiration for the architecture of this city hall. The Resurgence veneer, dazzling galleries and diverse works of art. The flags hang on the facade are the 28 countries who are members of the European Union, and some flags are countries that have the consulate in Antwerp.

Peter Paul Rubens House

Also, visit and discover the soul home of Peter Paul Rubens, a brilliant and multifaceted artist, where he used to live with his family, friends, colleagues, assistants and his paintings. Wander around his exquisite garden and indulge or revel in the southern ornate of the stately gallery. His palace has inspired many artists and art lovers worldwide for four hundred years and even until to these days.

Antwerp’s Main Shopping Street

Meir is the main shopping street with its distinguished and busy walking and shopping avenue of Antwerp. With its astounding building dated back in 18th to 19th-centuries, you will find many sizable international retail conglomerates.

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