Thorn – the white village in the south of the Netherlands

The historical white houses

Thorn – the pretty small white town

The charming meager white village Thorn is located in the south of the Netherlands in the province of Limburg, it is well-known for tourist attraction and it has a well-heeled history dating back in the 9th to 10th-century. The historic town of Thorn is well-guarded. The site is also known for its grand monumental white houses that include cobbled streets and the ( Abbey Church ) now a museum, it is also the municipal museum “Het Land van Thorn”, in Dutch – and that draws the town with countless visitors every year.

The Thorn History

The village
The old houses
List of the Abbey
The view from the church

Over the period Thorn progresses with scaled-down cloister and ruled by prioress and archduchess by patrician creation it had its arbitration and its moola; however, it came to an end at the beginning of the 18th-century upon the arrival of the French. After the 20 noble ladies fled the town to evade by the French, a large number of underprivileged people move to live in the village. The French strong-willed to imposed taxes based on the size of the windows of the houses. Nonetheless, the locals were poor living into a lavish style of living that once belong to the rich people but couldn’t pay taxes. So to reduce the amount of tax, they have to pay, most of the homeowners bricked up their windows and painted into white to hide the brickwork. And that how the village came to white until this day.

Things to do and see in Thorn

The municipal museum of Thorn

If you are in Thorn, you don’t want to miss the Abdijkerk – Abbey church. It is the small town that came into existence. The theatrical was constructed a few times over the centuries, and the in the 10th-century it came to life. It was dated the interior in the 18th-century; with time the Abbey was revamped at the end of 19th-century by Pierre Cuypers, the architect of Amsterdam central station and the Rijksmuseum.

The church, now a museum

Besides, you can also visit the municipal town museum of Thorn. In here you can find historical objects from the village and more ancient history – and aside from that, you can usher a walk with an audio system.

The restaurants

However, when you feel like starving, there are plenty of choices to choose from the restaurant, cafe, bistros, snack shop. International cuisines are also available, such as Japanese, Greek, Italian, and Chinese, to name a few. There are many fast-foods preferences too. To end with – you can also choose between meals, ice cream, pancake and pizza.

An engaging way to visit Thorn on weekends and from (April to September), or daily from July to August.

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